Friday, May 11, 2007

Our New Store

Flyw and I have a new store in SecondLife! It's in the new Book Island. We've moved in. There are lots of new things. Five Poetry posters to start. Today I bought a THiNC Book press and as soon as my chapbook is ready away we go! Meanwhile, we work on the Princess. Look, there's me in the store!


A. Starostin said...

It was nice meeting you today on book island... I finished making my book and I will drop by to give you a copy to see what you think of it. If you read my poetry blogs you will see that some of my writing is very dark... it is an outlet of sorts. My book has a link to these blogs, thanks to your script. I enjoyed reading Chapter One of the Lemon Princess... there is a certain beauty in her saddness. I see that you and Babu don't own a car... lol. Why own a car when you can teleport and fly. :D

Aaeodama Starostin

Anonymous said...
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