Friday, April 20, 2007

Babu Writer, Flyw Jie and The Lemon Princess

The Lemon Princess is more than what it appears to be. The core story, "The Lemon Princess," is promoted as though it were a story on its own in SecondLife. Tunnel in, and you will find yourself tunneling out.

Babu and Flyw would love to find a publisher.

Babu Writer is a story writer in SecondLife (SL). In RL she is a lawyer and writer from Baltimore, MD. She has clips and a bio available in a RL blog. Under her real name, she has published fiction and nonfiction in several reputable literary journals and newspapers. She has edited and published online newsletters and a literary review, and is an established legal author for the West Publishing Co.

Flyw Jie (pronounced "Flive Jiye") is the human offspring of a raven god and a woman. When he was a baby, he sprouted wings. He met Babu Writer in SecondLife. In RL he lives in the French commune of Condrieu, situated on the right bank of the Rhône, south of Lyon. He has an eclectic musical taste, and a special affinity to electric blues. He is an avid photographer. He is a fan of The Nikopol Trilogy of Enki Bilal, and of Les Cités Obscures, the imaginary parallel world created by the Belgian comics team François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters. He is disappointed in Michel Houellebecq. He has not yet read Orhan Pamuk's novel, Snow, but plans to do so.

Babu and Flyw were partnered in a SL civil filing on 27 March 2007. They also have a RL partnership agreement. This their first joint creative endeavor. They are acutely aware of their status as fictional characters, and are becoming extremely fed up with the notion that they are merely projections. If they owned a car, it would have a bumper sticker that said, "Question Reality."

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